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  • pixis (1 point : 1154 days ago)

    My only antipathy and wariness for this show comes from the inconclusiveness, since there's still manga being written and as great as these first two arcs were, there were very little answers to this awesome Titan theme. Make no mistake, this is a fire-starting anime series that will catch even the anime novice in its clutches. I'd easily say this is a must-watch, essential series, I just wish there was more of it. A second season won't be coming until 2016, which is a bummer, but I'll be waiting with baited breath. As for the subs vs dubs argument, I easily favor the dubs on this one, and you can watch it on funimation's streaming service, which I did. Some series do great jobs on the dubs (space dandy, attack on titan) and some not so much (kill la kill). I found these subs to be a bit dry. Either way, you're getting a heck of a show, one that definitely had me going "oh my god oh my god!". It's so thrilling, heart racing, such great action, I really can't think of another anime like it, with this fast pace. Of course when it starts you think it's a bit Naruto with titans, but aot outruns the competition and becomes its own incarnation in the end. Highly recommend.

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  • sumitup (5 points : 1156 days ago)

    Amazing anime, gruesome and violent with a purpose. I read the manga afterwards and they do an amazing job translating the manga into an anime, even to the point where the original manga creator applauded them and said they did a better job animating it then he did at drawing it. There's a lot left unknown, but if you read the manga's you find out there's quite a bit more than what there appears to be and plenty more of the story is left to be told. I can't wait to see the rest of the series animated, but for those who watched just the online anime, I recommend you watch at least the first episode of the OVA which is not available on here yet but will definitely add more depth to the apparently senseless and crazy titan's.

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  • loveordie (3 points : 1156 days ago)

    Absolutely stunning! As others have said the art and animation are top notch. It's simply beautiful to look at (and I can't overstate how gorgeous the whole thing is... I mean, they have freaking line weights on the drawings!)
    That aside, the story telling is fantastic. No character is guaranteed to live (aside the three main, this is an anime after all), so you really do worry about the outcome of each battle and what losses the character will face this time. The characters are so human! No bad boy who's just effortless at fighting like it's nothing. They all feel emotions, doubts, and fears. You really find yourself rooting for them.

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  • gossamer (2 points : 1156 days ago)

    I have only seen anime a few times, but this show grabbed my attention unlike many other. I generally do not watch anime simply because I am easily distracted, having to read subtitles, and the English dubbed versions are normally awful. I was NEVER distracted while watching this show, and I NEVER found it difficult to watch with the subtitles. Just the ending of the first episode will have you hooked for more. It's inevitable. Not to mention the BEAUTIFUL animation in this show. There are a few points in every episode that would make a fantastic wallpaper. The characters and the story are incredibly original (even though this was based on a manga). The only "con" I could give this show is that with the subtitles, it tends to be a bit difficult to know what is going on 100% of the time if you miss something. So, you may have watch some bits over to see what you missed. Even if you have a set opinion on anime (it's weird, etc), I urge you to give this show a try, and see if you still feel that way.

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  • robozop (2 points : 1156 days ago)

    The animation was really well done and the emotion evoked from the characters really made the viewer feel for the characters in the beginning.
    In the beginning until around episode 12, I was really drawn into the story; however, somewhere after this it started deviating away from the plot line it had been developing until then. SPOILER WARNING: In the show, they focus on the key around Eren's neck and that the answer to the Titan issue is in the basement, but then the ball is dropped and the focus shifts. If this had been written with what a military fighting for survival would've done, then they would've pursued that mission, but they did not. The story goes a different direction and left me unsatisfied. What I found additionally annoying is the endless backstories of secondary characters. Two-thirds of the way into these episodes, the viewer is still forced to watch back-stories, which slow the pacing of the already over-dialogued feature. I'm not new to anime, I've been watching it for decades and I found that the writers don't really understand a military mindset. If these characters had been in this military for many years, then there are several arguments that just would not have happened that did. In this series, many common sense calls were ignored for plot purposes. As mentioned earlier, the endless backstories bloated the story line, but the final bad person's backstory was so short the viewer is left least I was.
    In the end, I was left dissatisfied with the outcome. I never felt a sense of happiness for any of the episodes or sense that these humans would really have the means to succeed. If this is the intent of the writing staff to leave the viewer believing these characters are in a hopeless situation, they have succeeded. I would have also like to see some development that started to explain the Titans' backstory. Many will disagree with this review and that is okay. I doubt I will watch a second season though.

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  • unmagical (1 point : 1156 days ago)

    Disjointed story done in the worst possible way... Attack on Titan is intended for a young, gullible audience who fail to understand they are being manipulated by lazy writers that prefer to create angst by breaking the flow of the story, in order to cover for the fact that the whole season is really one hour long, and the rest is an easily-skipped melodrama filler of unneeded cut scenes that don't add to the story of the over-the-top, stupid little children characters who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag that happen to excel at yelling hysterically for absolutely any reason. I mean, adding substance and flow to the story takes up too much time, so just make 'um yell and the writing gets easy.

    The town is really not worth saving and every character is either incompetent, corrupt, cowardly, morally bankrupt, ungrateful and/or too hysterical to take action and above all, unlikable. By the end of season one, the growing arrogance and ineptitude of the characters and their annoying, unproductive self-defeatist victim complex left me desperately rooting for the bad guys. Good thing I skipped through all those useless cut scenes without missing any part of the story, phew!

    And it all stems from the lousy writers who are probably too young to understand real strife and suffering, and are going through that phase where they are easily preoccupied with the fear of death, at least till they learn that actual living and growing old is by far more terrifying.

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  • leoseeyou (1 point : 1156 days ago)

    I think there is a Love/Hate relationship with AOT. For me, its one of the best Anime series I have ever seen. Its not your normally cheery show where all of the good always win. Additionally, this show isn't shy about killing off its characters. Throughout the series there is always a sense of desperation as the last remaining Humans struggle to survive against an overwhelming threat. Just when you think the show has turned a corner and things are looking up for the good guys; disaster strikes and reminds us the mankind is no longer the Apex predator. Be prepared this show is rated MA for a reason. There is an abundance of violence and adult themes throughout. Its very dark and moody... Dragon Ball Z this is not.

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  • kunjutty (1 point : 1156 days ago)

    Alright to be completely honest im only writing this review for the love i hold for attack on titan. i however watched the series as it appeared on adult swim on tv. i used to hate how it ending always leaving me at the end of my couch wishing that the show would expand longer then 24 minutes plus commercials and long opening introduction. i could have cried when the series ended. but i was not dissastissfied with its ending however. now i find myself to be awaiting season two. for they have made a whole movie (which i believe insulted the whole genre of anime) but no season 2. but for everyone that has not watched yet believe me when i tell you will not be disappointed until everytime you see the credits roll across the screen... and maybe not even then. for everyone seeing it for the first on here gets the luxury of being able to quickly watch the next episode and me however and im sure many others had to wait until the next week to watch it on tv ..with commercials

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