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  • snakeEyes (1 point : 1134 days ago)

    The first one, without a doubt.

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  • teslaxer (5 points : 1203 days ago)

    #1 was what made me wanna watch the show in the first place. Still the best!

    The funny thing is, I thought the big guy with the golden hair was Ed all grown up! lol. They started with Hohenheim's time as the slave, moved on to when he met Trisha, and then came the kids. It was only after I finished watching the show that I realized how important a character Van Hohenheim was! :')

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  • wookierookie (2 points : 1202 days ago)

    1>3>4>5>2 for me

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  • subjeero (1 point : 1202 days ago)

    Number 4 is my favorite and 2 my least favorite

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