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  • MrMackey (1 point : 965 days ago)

    Wow. I didn't even know JK Rowling wrote another book.

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    • riddler (1 point : 965 days ago)

      she did, but this book was just 128 pages long. I hope they don't end up stretching it paper thin; like what happened with those 3 Hobbit flicks. :/

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      • MrMackey (1 point : 964 days ago)

        The Hobbit books were really long right? Also I didn't watch a single Hobbit movie even thought I loved Lord of The Rings.

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        • riddler (1 point : 964 days ago)

          Well, there was just one Hobbit book. And it was 330 pages long; They had material for at most 2 movies, the third one was just a pathetic attempt to rake in the moolah, riding on the middle-earth wave.

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