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  • FullmetalAlchemist (1 point : 984 days ago)

    Charlize Theron was outstanding! But If there's one thing that Fury Road could've done without, it's Tom Hardy! The dude is no
    Max Rockatansky. Mel Gibson FTW!

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    • KeerikkadanJose (1 point : 984 days ago)

      no friggin way bro. I couldn't watch the old Mad Max after watching the latest one. Tom Hardy was perfect. Mel Gibson was just meh..

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      • FullmetalAlchemist (1 point : 984 days ago)

        Nah, you wouldn't have felt that way if you had seen the original Mad Max movies first. And then the Lethal Weapon movies - which accentuated the crazy side of Mel Gibson. I'm pretty sure the defamation of Mel Gibson by the presstitues played a key role in your disliking of the original Mad Max flicks.

        The only thing Tom Hardy does in Fury Road is occasional mumbling. When someone says Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa and Immortan Joe are the first faces that comes to my mind . Heck, they should've called it 'Furious Furiosa: Maximum Road'.

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        • Portoroto (1 point : 983 days ago)

          That would confuse people into thinking that it was a Fast and the Furious sequel. On second thought, Fury Road could have totally been a fast and furious sequel in a dystopian world. Damn! Mind blown!

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