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  • daredevil334 (1 point : 668 days ago)

    Aw yeah, that was an awesome trailer.
    Well, she had the same love interest in the animated movie and the comics, gotta get the origin story right.

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    • Geyserhero (1 point : 667 days ago)

      you mean to tell me that they can't come up with a brand new origin story?

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      • daredevil334 (1 point : 666 days ago)

        They shouldn'., And to prove my point, here are 3 words, well, 2 words and a number : "Fantastic Four 2015".

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        • Geyserhero (1 point : 660 days ago)

          Hah, one failure doesn't mean it's all gonna fail. Wasn't batman sort of brand new with batman begins? Except for the parents getting killed part of course lol.

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          • daredevil334 (1 point : 659 days ago)

            Lol, the parents getting killed IS the origin story. Imagine them sending Bruce away to a boarding school and the things he has to endure there making him the Batman XD.

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