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  • TeamMachine (2 points : 935 days ago)

    hahah, loved the "unplugging and plugging it back in" and "orange light" references. The only thing those damn customer support people keeps repeating.

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    • Portoroto (1 point : 935 days ago)

      Have you tried turning it off and on again? - every call in IT Crowd lol. You gotta watch that show too

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  • amol (1 point : 935 days ago)

    The page taking 3 days to load reminded me of the old days with a dial-up modem. Good god! 64 Kbps was considered high speed back then. :D

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  • Neo (1 point : 935 days ago)

    LOL, that was hilarious! Life without Internet really would be impossible.

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