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  • mallubrat (1 point : 691 days ago)

    Bahubali has redefined the meaning of EPICness for Indian movies. Although the graphics could have been better and the last fight was shorter than what I expected, the movie is a new chapter in Indian cinema. I expect more movies to follow this line in the near future. This will hopefully give a boost to the quality of Indian animation as well.

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  • mallubrat (1 point : 691 days ago)

    Another source - Malwarebytes safe.

    Did anyone notice that Bahubali and Devasana were using cheat codes during the arrow fight in the corridor. They definitely used the 'unlimited arrow' cheat code. Poor enemy soliders. They never stood a chance.

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  • mallubrat (1 point : 692 days ago)

    "Malwarebytes has blocked a potentially malicious website." :(

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