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(SPOILERS) Let's talk Batman v Superman! (SPOILERS)

(SPOILERS) Let's talk Batman v Superman! (SPOILERS)

(SPOILERS) Let's talk Batman v Superman! (SPOILERS)

(SPOILERS) Let's talk Batman v Superman! (SPOILERS)



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  • Koliflower (1 point : 1120 days ago)

    my biggest issue was how wonder woman was such a let down. She was beautiful but thats about it and there's way too much focus on that picture. I get it. She has been around a while. The tone of the music got a little too tense when they showed the picture like it was some kind of secret lol. Too little focus on Wonder Woman and too much focus on Lois. The damsel in distress routine got old fast. Other than that, it was a pretty enjoyable movie. An extended version of the supes-bats fight would be awesome.

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    • laughriot (1 point : 1120 days ago)

      But wonder woman was not supposed to be the main character anyway. I think she got a fair amount of screen time although it was mostly to show off her gorgeous dresses and her amazing bod. Allright, you're right. Her role could have used more substance. Kinda like how Marvel uses ScarJo for eye candy but she still gets to do cool stuff.

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  • samuraiJack (2 points : 1120 days ago)

    Batman v Superman Fight: I liked how they got Batman to win over Superman although I think that's a crushing blow to many Supes fans. Maybe Batman being a more successful franchise than Superman might have something to do with that lol. The lazy end was right and with a damn coincidence type stuff like Martha. I wish it had more substance.

    Lex: I agree Jesse Eisenberg was miscast as Lex because he displays none of the personality traits that I learned about Lex from the comics growing up. Although the weird creepish rapist vibe he was throwing around with Lois and the senator was quite cringeworthy.

    Mention other superheroes: I agree 100%. There was a feeling that DC was dying to get this franchise off the ground and it seems almost certain that a JLA movie is coming next.

    Wonder Woman: Sexy tall woman who was just put in the movie for eye candy although the filmmakers wanted Lois to provide some of the eye candy as well.

    Doomsday: I thought Doomsday was required to make it into an epic finish. After all, the movie is about two superheroes putting aside their differences to come together to fight off a bigger evil. Who's a bigger evil than Doomsday? Nobody, that's who. Well maybe Brainiac? lol.

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  • theaternut (1 point : 1120 days ago)

    Doomsday could have been better. The way Lex calls in doomsday using his blood and all was a little too much. Anyway, I totally loved the batman v superman fight but the Martha thing could have been avoided. Overall, a pretty decent movie

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