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    aj1 (3 points : 1164 days ago)

    Well, he's just doing what any loving parent would.
    Taking care of his ( now legally emancipated) son with utter disregard for moviegoers by shoving crap down our throats!

    "W.S: Hey, y'all want a remake of Karate Kid, I'm producing"?

    moviegoer: Uh! You aren't gonna play Mr.Miyagi, are you Will?

    W.S: "Hell no, Jackie's gonna do that bit."

    moviegoer: Yay!

    W.S: "But my son's gonna do Daniel's part"

    moviegoer: Aw bloody hell! We Shoulda seen that coming! It's like Batman saying "Because I'm Batman!" you always know that Jaden's gonna be in it, but just..., hoping against all hope that he wouldn't be :/ ! Hmm, what the heck, at least there's Jackie Chan.

    @a hypothetical interview with Will Smith

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